Vulnerability with Dani Korai, episode 8

In this episode we talked to Dani Korai about the topic of Vulnerability, a sensitive and a strong topic, at the same time. Dani is a Dutch youth worker and trainer that believes in the power of Vulnerability to connect with young people. According to him, it helps them to open up and share their struggles, step by step, in what needs to be a mindful process. A safe space is needed for using vulnerability in a positive and constructive way; it needs preparation and the building of trust between people.

Contrary to some beliefs, Vulnerability is an act of courage, and after opening up most people feel more empowered, because they don’t feel the need to hide for something that used to make them fell flawed in some way. It was a very nice conversation, where Dani shared as well his own story and how his relationship with this topic started.

Here are some of the resources shared:

Brené Brown TED talk

Core quality quadrant Daniel Ofman.

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