Humak University of Applied Sciences


Humak University of Applied Sciences (Finland) is a highly profiled, nation-wide university of applied sciences, specialising in the development of expertise in organisational activities and youth work, work community development, entrepreneurship in cultural management and creative industries, and the interpreting sector.

We are the largest actor in our sectors in Finland and the largest educator of youth work professionals in whole Europe.

Humak was established on the need to ensure nationwide, university-level specialist education and research, development and innovation activity in narrow but socially significant fields.

We have 1,500 students and around  120 professionals working with us.

Humak’s Strengths’

Humak's strengts as described in strategy
Humak’s strengts and new, emerging fields.

We are looking strong partnerships with Finnish and foreign universities. The Strengths are based on our competence and make our profile concrete and highlight the cutting edge of our fields of activity. The strengths guide the strategic development of our operations. The strengths create even stronger competence clusters and expertise and they also guide the management of our partnerships.

  • Youth work and communality: we procuctise the skills to encounter young people
  • Organisation work, work communities and integration: we improve the functionality, competitiveness and communal development of work communities.
  • Interpreting and linguistic accessibility: we participate in the development of professional skills and technology supporting linguistic accessibility.
  • Cultural management and conveyance: we promote cultural mananagement skills as activity supporting participation, and develop digital environments for cultural and artistic productions and services.