Ha Moment

Ha Moment, CRL is a non-profit cooperative whose mission is to provide opportunities for personal and professional development of young people and adults throughout the world, through training, consulting and organizing events, based on informal and non-formal learning. It seeks to develop recurrently different training activities in education for adults and the general public, in several areas, from creativity to entrepreneurship, and using non-formal methods.

Our activities are based on informal and non-formal, developing training at national and international level, with care to ensure quality, good partnerships and cooperation. We also provide support to other organizations and youth groups to implement and evaluate projects and activities, through advisory services, using for that the vast experience of our staff in different areas.

Our headquarters is located in Arroios parish, which is one of the most multicultural Lisbon, Portugal.

We work for the recognition of non-formal education and to ensure that skills are acquired through it, related to personal and professional development.

We implement and facilitate different trainings at National level which support adult and youth education and the development of competences. We unite formal with non-formal education to raise the motivation and competences of teachers and educators as so students and youngsters. We provide training for schools, NGO’s, adult education organisations, youth organization and public in general.


Our methodology has the basis of NFE with several tools and methods to complement it, like Dragon Dreaming, Lego Serious Play, Theatre of Opressed, Gamification, Non-Violent Communication, Storytelling, etc.


We develop educational tools that allows to learn in a more fun and engaging way. The main tools that we develop are games to be used in teaching and training context, for different purposes and topics. Currently we have:
– Typecast – a card game for interculturality, acceptance, stereotypes and social awareness
– Mission Z – A conflict management simulation game.
– Butterfly effect – A simulation exercise of role-playing in a factory where many things happen, which allow to reflect on leadership, change, adaptation, teamwork and cooperation.
– Amazing Island – In development – A board game to work on the prevention of mental health, more specifically in Identity and personal traits.

Besides that we also developed Badge Map – a tool for recognition of competences using Open Badges, and we are in the stage of creation and development of educational videos.