Team Mais

Team MAIS is a small consultancy company based in Lisbon with a solid international experience focused in innovative solutions for Youth Work and Adult Education. Team Mais develops trainings and educational programs mostly for educators, trainers, teachers and consultants. The Company has been established in 2007 and works with organizations from all over Europe namely under the programme Erasmus+ and other programs. Previously, the team was part of an informal group of young youth workers who developed several international projects within the Youth in Action program, gathering several years of prior experience in both managing international projects as well as developing content for international non-formal education contexts.


Our areas of activity include:

  1. Creativity and Innovation  – Team MAIS offers consultancy and trainings on the topic of Creative Thinking and Innovation Ecosystems. Our expertise is to identify, develop or mainstream innovative solutions in specific sectors. Some of the projects developed in this area where:
  • Development of “Playseminars”: a series of short workshops dedicated to creative thinking and cross-sectorial innovation;
  •       International trainings on Creativity and Innovation for Youth workers (4 Editions in Portugal, Belgium and France);
  •  The portuguese Blog and Podcast “Falar Mais Criativo” (Talking More Creatively: a series of more than 35 episodes about Creative Thinking.
  1. Youth And Youth Work – Team MAIS designs innovative learning experiences both for young people and for youth workers/educators at local level as well as in international contexts. Some of the projects developed in this area where:
  •     The Job Affair  – a two-parted international training course for youth workers on helping young people making their competences more visible for themselves and expressing them adequately to employers (;
  •      FBI – a 3 year local intervention in a Portuguese social neighbourhood that aimed to reduce school drop-out rates among adolescents, using artistic approaches and creative methods;
  •       Crossroads – a 3 year international project with 5 European partners that strived to promote youth participation in politics with young people with less opportunities.
  •    Best Practices Guide on Bullying In Children’s Residential Settings – a research on new practices against bullying in the context of Houses of Empathy, a Daphne supported project.
  •    From Diary to Certificate – a SALTO Publication to support Erasmus + Users on promoting competence self-assessment in young people.


We gather a pool of multidisciplinary highly experienced freelancers/professionals from various backgrounds: from community artists, youth workers, psychologists and IT specialists that work together to create innovative learning experiences. We have specialised in using/developing active learning methods (Art of Hosting, Humour Techniques, Gamification, Design Thinking, Photovoice, etc) to support groups of young people in their learning and personal development process. We also have experience in capacitating youth organisations on these topics and training the professionals (teachers, trainers, youth workers) on how to use these tools effectively.


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