PiNA is an organisation for social development based on the following principles:

  • Respect for basic human rights and democratic principles;
  • Active participation of individuals in the community and cultural engagement;
  • Respect for the environment and focus on sustainable development;
  • Critical thought and ethical operation;
  • Life-long learning and holistic approach to education.

Our contribution to social development is put into practice in the following ways:

  • Education and training under the principles of non-formal education, to develop fundamental skills, values and approaches for the holistic development of responsible individuals;
  • Organisation of various awareness and educational events, such as cultural events, conferences, seminars, fairs…;
  • Publishing educational and informational material, such as manuals, promotional brochures, bulletins…;
  • Offering multimedia and web solutions for information and education, such as videos, documentaries, web pages, webinars, intermedia installations…;
  • Planning and performance of different cooperation processes regarding decision-making in public issues;
  • Raising awareness and advocacy for specific groups;
  • Performing analyses, offering opinions and recommendations or other forms of expertise;
  • Performing specific fieldwork projects;
  • Providing other non-governmental institutions, social enterprises, non-formal groups and artists with support, mentoring and coaching;
  • Cooperating with domestic and international partners, and participation in international organisation networks.