The Power of Non Formal Education with Jo Claeys, season 2 episode 4

First of all is good to be back!

In this episode we talked with Jo Claeys, a youth worker and a trainer who together with Denis Morel and Simona Molari, developed the training “The Power of Non Formal Education”.

We tried to better understand what is non formal education, how it relates to other types of education, the contact points with formal education, schools and what makes this type of learning so powerful.

Jo has a lot of experience and a curious point of view, as someone that is eager to explore all the potential of non formal learning.

This open approach to learning can help a lot of people that have difficulties with more formal types of trainings and education, it can become an exploratory experience where we take what we need instead of just passively accepting what is presented to us.

Where the freedom – and the responsibility – for learning is really in our hands.


Here are some resources that Jo shared with us, so that we could share with all of our listeners.

Video tutorials for less experienced in NFE

A approach on explaining the differences between formal, informal and non formal education

A comprehensive description of NFe with plenty of links to usefull educational resources

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