Measuring Impacts with Elin Mcallum, season2, episode 11

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We are joined in this episode by Elin McCallum, one of the co-founders of Bantani Education, a non-profit organisation supporting entrepreneurial and creative learning. Elin is also a member of the Youth@Work Pool of trainers.

One of the topics of our talk was how to measure impact in youth work, from the example of the Youth@Work Partnership. We also talked about a model of entrepreneurial competencies (Entrecomp), and the immediate connection that most people make that entrepreneurship is about creating your company or being a founder of a startup, but Elin explained quite well  that being entrepreneurial is the ability to act, to create value. Once again, we talked about the need to understand risk, to be adaptable and flexible in fast paced times, and the role youth work and youth workers have in helping young people to develop those skills.

We discussed something we find very relevant, and that is the need of the youth work field to understand the real value that it is bringing and communicate it properly, because a lot of the competencies we talk about and around being entrepreneurial are already instilled in the work of youth workers, but due to lack of awareness and clarity is not being owned the way it could and should be.


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