Making Green the New Normal with Antonio Jovanovski, season 2, episode 12

Hello dear listeners,

In this episode we go green. We talked to Antonio Jovanovski, a trainer, an activist and a social entrepreneur. He is a member of the Pool of trainers of Youth@Work partnership ( and the founder of a youth environmental NGO ( where he works on training and policy development related to youth eco-activism, education for sustainable development and social inclusion through the green economy.  Antonio wrote a very interesting article about the upside of going green in job creation, and the cost of not doing so. You can find the article here. (

We are in a time to make decisions and – as Antonio pointed out during our conversation – decisions need reflection, visions of what the future could be like, and the awareness that the decisions we take should ensure a sustainable future. Economic growth has been the measure of progress, and it has become an addiction, but it impairs the decisions that need to be made.

It’s a difficult battle specially for young people because they are the ones that will face the biggest challenges if nothing is changed, but lack the power and the engagement needed to have a say in the decision-making processes.

Youth workers could setup programs that are related to the green economy, where a green awareness is used as a strategy to make decisions that empowers young people to disconnect with the virtual world and connect to real life and worthy causes in which their future depends on.


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