Game based learning with Stephan Schölzel, episode 4

This episode is with Stephan Schölzel, a youth worker that uses games as a vehicle to talk about other subjects with young people, and by using games we can learn about what are their concerns but also their interests. A lot of times people criticize video games because of the absent mindedness it may cause in our children, but, if we can see the potential of engagement that video games have, we can tap into something that we better connects us with young people, and by using games we can improve social skills related to empathy, resilience and much more.

Stephan brings a lot of good insights about how to use games, and examples of real life situations where games were used to tackle questions like gender, for example.

The website with resources that is mentioned in the podcast is in german, but google translation can help the non-german speakers.

Digitale Spielewelten


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