Entrepreneurial competencies with Raluca Diroescu, season 2 episode 7

With this episode we are starting a special season powered by Youth@Work, a Partnership on Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship of Erasmus+ National Agencies .

In this episode we talked to Raluca Diroescu, the coordinator of Youth@Work.

Raluca likes to call herself a youth work supporter. A person that supports youth work like a fan that wants the team to win. Her love for youth work started during a youth exchange and we talked about the importance these projects have as they create in young people the willingness to participate in the construction of shared European values.

We talked about the events that Youth@Work promotes, as platforms that enable entrepreneurial learning through knowledge sharing, capacity building and networking.

In these events – that gather representatives from different sectors – the idea is to connect, to find points of contact, but also to challenge all the participants to see their own issues through different lenses.

Youth work and entrepreneurship as concepts are thought by some to be at odds with each other. For Raluca, these two ideas can coexist and even thrive when combined to reach a common goal: youth empowerment. If we can equip young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, with real-life opportunities, an entrepreneurial spirit and competences, maybe they can start to look for ways to rise above those inequalities.

Below are the Youth@Work contacts. You can be part of this initiative.

Let’s Talk Youth Work!

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