Educational LARP with Patrycja Paula Gas, episode 7

In this episode we talked to Patrycja Paula Gas, a witch as she confessed to us, but a different kind of witch, the kind that is doing LARP – Live Action Role Playing game – a new aproach  into a learning evironment, an immersive experience that will definetly engage the participants minds, bodies and souls.

Patrycja who is a polish anthropologist, uses LARP with young people to tackle a wide array of topics such as discrimination, migrations and leadership skills.

In LARP, the participants live fully this game for days, with costumes, just like a big theatre in nature.

Educational LARPs have an immense power for young people experience other ways of dealing with the world, as for example a shy person might play a bold character and see that they can face their real lives in a more confident way.

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