Dragon Dreaming with Virgílio Varela, season 2 episode 3

We are joined in this episode by Virgílo Varela, a consultant in Social and Community Innovation that talked to us about one of his main skills and passion: Dragon Dreaming.

Dragon Dreaming is a systemic design process, a philosophy and a methodological framework, to create collaborative and sustainable projects, something that a lot of youth workers struggle with. For some, it’s difficult to have everyone dreaming in the same direction, and for others it’s hard to make the projects sustainable. Many times, both.

The process is composed of four steps: Dreaming, Planning, Doing and Celebrating.

We talked about the importance of celebration: if we don’t celebrate, our energy and motivation starts to get depleted, and we lose heart, we fall out of love, we start doing, for the sake of doing, and the output is much less creative, energizing, and innovative that could be otherwise, if we would make celebration as much as a priority as doing, or planning.

It was a really a wonderful conversation, hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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