Coyote Magazine with Mark Taylor, season 2 episode 5

Hello dear listeners,

“To create community, we need channels where different stakeholders share their points of view.” Mark Taylor

Here is another episode that was a lot of fun to record. This time with Mark Taylor, editor of the only European online magazine focused on youth work: Coyote Magazine.

We wondered if youth workers live too much in their own bubble. This view – of youth work as a closed system – generates a dual thinking regarding youth work: on one hand the sector wants and needs more resources but, on the other hand, it doesn’t always want to open up to the world.

Coyote Magazine as a channel of communication closes some gaps between actors inside youth work but also aims at opening youth work to the outside, by having writers from the political sphere, researchers and practitioners that work in the field, who share their stories, their experiences, their knowledge and their insights.

Coyote Magazine plays an important role at European level, in creating a place for ideas to spread, a place for different actors to discuss, collaborate and create a movement to make things move forward.

It’s very important to have different points of view to create a broader and more inclusive image of what youth work is, and what it could be

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