Trends in young people with Ellen Anthoni, episode 5

This is truly a handful, it is our fifth episode, and our guest this time is Ellen Anthoni, who’s a trendwatcher.

Ellen has worked in recent years for Trendwolves, working on their trend reports.

We had another interviewer with us, Tomáš Pešek, that was a big help with very insightful questions.

During our conversation with Ellen we tried to understand what is trendwatching, and how it is important to all of us, but in this case, youthworkers.

Some of the trends that we talked about were:

  • Blurred lives
  • Super sculpted selves
  • Crazy health trends

Blurred lives is a very important one, because youngsters don’t want to limit themselves to one thing, and without a clear definition of who they are, normal interactions need to be re-thinked.

These are big concepts that Ellen helped us understand, and she also gave nice tips so we can become trendwatchers ourselves.

Ellen’s website.

Trendwolves website.

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