Try to be ‘a Super Fart!’

Monday 14th of May. Photo: Kristiina Vesama

Second day in the ‘Innovation in Youth Work’ training course. Incredible amount of innovative activities, methods, games & exercises can be included to just one day, WOW! Starting with name games, warming ups, continuing with the program and logistic & practical issues, creating our own learning diaries, building a team with great tasks, making an agreement of the guidelines together & learning and deepening the understanding of  innovation and innovative approach in Youth Work.


Participants are creating their learning diaries. Photo: Kristiina Vesama


Mission Impossible is starting. Photo: Kristiina Vesama


We created together guidelines for our group. Photo: Kristiina Vesama

At the end of the day we had ‘Night for our cultural indentity’. During the evening we had possibility to present to others what makes us ‘Me/Myself’ – my values, my hobbies, my tastes, my  causes… Is it traditional music or maybe rock culture/heavy metal?  Maybe I am  really a “typical” person from my country or maybe I don’t fit so well into that box…We were encouraged to ask from ourselves: ‘What are the layers that compose my individual cultural identity?’ We had a nice and relaxing evening with music, good food & drinks and  cosy chatting with new friends! After a long day we were SO ready to go to sleep! Five days still left in this training!

Finnish Food & Sweets. Photo: Kristiina Vesama